Ryan Scally, DMD

  Dr. Ryan loves being outdoors! He enjoys spending time at the beach, boating, hiking and camping with his wife, Stephanie, and daughter, Margaret and Bridget

  Dr. Ryan received both his DMD and his certificate of Pediatric Dentistry from Rutgers Dental School. Always knowing that he wanted to work with children, he went straight from dental school to a post graduate program. Dr. Ryan is an attending faculty member at Morristown Medical Center offering our patients the opportunity to have their dental care completed under general anesthesia in the operating room.  He is a board certified pediatric dentist and a faculty member at Rutgers Dental School (formerly UMDNJ) where he works with both students and residents teaching pediatric dentistry, sedation dentistry, and hospital dentistry.

  The Scally household is pretty busy with an incredible assortment of pets. Dr. Ryan and Stephanie have a dog, Baxter. They also have six birds; Houdini (cockatoo), Buddy (macaw), Baby Bird (concur), Valentine (concur), Beaker (cockatiel) and Lucky (cockatiel). Not to mention an assortment of saltwater fish too! In addition to being an animal-lover, Dr. Ryan LOVES classic cars. His favorite color is green (which makes sense since he loves the outdoors!) and on weekends you can find him at the beach or on trails with Margaret on his back in her carrier!