Adolescence and Oral Care

The older you get, the more responsibilities you have. You will be making decisions about many things like friends, academics, sports, arts and your health. 

Snacking frequently throughout the day (like when you are studying) can increase your risk of developing tooth decay. Sipping on soda, sports drinks and power drinks can also eat away at the enamel on your teeth. Drink more water! To keep your teeth healthy, try to limit the frequency of your snacking and eat more nutritious foods.

Other eating habits, like bulimia and anorexia nervosa can cause damage not only to your body but to your teeth, also.

Mouth Jewelry” like pierced tongues and lips can be very dangerous! Since the mouth contains millions of bacteria naturally, an infection is a common complication of oral piercing. Pain and swelling are other side effects. The tongue (one of the most popular sites to pierce) can swell large enough to close off your airway!  Also, the piercing can cause permanent nerve damage and/or uncontrollable bleeding. Teeth can become chipped and cracked when they come into contact with the jewelry.The studs, barbells and hoops can become loose and act as a choking hazard. So a decision to go through with oral piercing may have significant consequences not only on your oral health but on your general health as well! 

Tobacco use is just not good! Smoking and chewing tobacco bring cancer-causing chemicals directly in contact with your gums, tongue and lining of your cheek. Since the early signs of oral cancer are not painful they often go undetected. Late stages of oral cancer can require extensive surgery that can be disfiguring and sometimes can be fatal. There is nothing cool about smoking!

Shin guards, helmet, chest protector and mouth guard – all are important protective athletic gear! A properly fitted mouth guard can help prevent broken teeth, completely knocked out teeth, injuries to the lips, tongue, face, jaw and even concussion. It will be comfortable so that while wearing it you can talk and breathe!